Light Pillar

I drew this picture "Light Pillar" for Mr. Chikutetsu Kanazawa, the director of Mobius Associate.

He requested me to draw the light pillar, and he entrusted me all, other than that.

And he also showed me a photo of the Sun Pillar, when he visited the shrine of Hinomisaki in Izumo.

The sun pillar means, he said,

One of our staff can see aura of human, he said the meaning of the sun pillar,

"means, people get together under the light pillar, and extend the light to all over the world."

And, a lot of light pillar is showing up in many parts of the world.

People get together there and undergoing a paradigm shift.

I knew about "Sun Pillar" at first time by angels' guide, and I was also gifted another great idea

by angels.

One stone called "Seraphinite" gave me a hint of the pose of the angel in the picture.

Seraphinite is grave green stone with white patterns like angel's feathers.

The white colors in the stone was like the female angel was standing.

The angel in the stone was rising her left hand, and letting her right hand down just like this.

I already knew Energy comes into our left hand and goes out from our right hand,

so, I got the wonderful message that angel standing in the light pillar receives the light

from the sky by her "left hand", and unloads it to the ground by her "right hand".

And I paint the light shower around her with gold and silver like the sun pillar.

I put gold, silver and lame on it, so, you can see the sparkles if you see from different points.

[Water color pencils, Ink, Copic Markers, Acrylic colors A4 size 210mm×297mm]

This art has a great power, Mr. Kanazawa told me. Apr. 13th 2009