St. Michael's Light Sword

Close up

This sword was given to me in the imagine work by Luca-san,

it’s St. Michael (Archangel Michael)’s light sword.

The angel in the stone was rising her left hand, and letting her right hand down just like this.

In fact, in the scene of St. Michael, the story goes on even we don’t know who is the angel.

And the end of the scene, the angel gives one gift. (we should imagine what is the gift.)

I imagined this sword.

It’s made of silver and violet color, it’s decollated with beautiful silver metals, like ivy has

grown over the top, and it also has metallic roses. I couldn’t see dragon when I imagined

in the work, but, I thought that wasn’t all, there was something more.. so, I added dragons,

then, it became nearer the one I saw then.

This is not a sword for wars. It’s “the light sword” for my protection to cut unnecessary ether


St. Michael is one of the 4 archangels.

In religious pictures also, he is drawn with the light sword in his hand.

There are cleanup method to ask him to cut ether cords.

I started the method of cutting ether cords, but, I couldn’t imagine the design of the sword

in details. (He gives each different design sword to us.)

But, I could imagine the light sword in the imagine work….

Even though I didn’t know the angel was St. Michael, I thought it’s St. Michael’s light sword !

After a while, I was noticed the angel was St. Michael.

This is my original light sword form St. Michael.

[Ink, Copic Markers A4 size 210mm×297mm]