Crystal Angel


(including clean up mental, energy, and everything...)

This is Crystal Angel.

Crystal has the power of clean up.

This angel appeared in my vision when I closed my eyes with listening to the music of Crystal Bowl by

Takayo Muramatsu, at first time.

The crystals like snow made by Crystal were falling sparkly around her.

And, each time the Crystal Bowl's sounds echo, the blue white lights rippled from her big wings.

That was very beautiful sight.

The Crystal Angel who cleans up all energy in the world and changes them to good one.

She is not only just kind, she also has a strong power to be able to unmoved against any energy,

and her attitude is really brave.

Such a great beautiful angel seemed to play healing music together with Takayo and protect her

and the audiences.

I think, such a lot of Crystal angels are working very hard for our earth, right now.

[Water color pencils A2 size 420mm×594mm]