Soul Mate "Ripple of Love"

If both of you respect and love each other,

the happy aura spread out to all over the world.

If all couples of all over the world are such great couples,

it’s sure the world will be peace.

There are a lot of nice couples whom I long for being, in the world.

They looked at their eyes closely, respect and love each other.

The love is not only between them, but they are also spread it out for the society and the world,

they make their vision focus to one, and rain their love to the world.

I really feel happy and can smile when I stand by them.

If all couples in the world are such wonderful couples,

the house will be filled with warm and nice aura,

and their happy aura is also extended to other people around them,

then, it will be the happy and peaceful world.

[Water color pencils A2 size 420mm×594mm]