Thank you for always spending fun and nice times together with me.

Thank you for kindly listening to me when I am in hard time.

Thank you for worrying me like it’s your problem.

Thank you for cerebrating me.

Thank you for saying “You are a special person for me.”

Thank you for saying with tears, “If you were not here, I’ll be sad.”

Thank you for saying “Thank you for living.”

Thank you for telling “I love you !!”

Thank you for believing me.

Thank you for thinking of me very sincerely.

I love you, too.

For me, you are also a very special person.

Even we don’t talk anything specially…

Just only if you stand by me, and smile me,

Then I can be really comfortable.

I do really appreciate you are here from bottom my heart.


For you, you have special friends who are always thinking of you sincerely.

The model of the angel is my nephew. He is also the model, older one in “ Gaia”.

These words are the warm “life” words from my best friends in my real life.

I guess, anyone sometimes get desperate.

But, there are persons who is thinking of you in real.


You have special friends who are always thinking of you.

[Water color pencils A2 size 420mm×594mm]