Let's remember,

The old era of love

Let's go back

To the era all existences care for each other

Let's awaken

We are All One

Just remember...

You are the brilliant blessed light

And the others are also the blessed light

You, the one we love,

We always wait for you

This art made me connected to cosmic consciousness.

While I was drawing this art, I had a miracle experience.

Since then, my perspective was changed in the Earth lebel to universe lebel.

We are all in one.

Once upon time, one light was separated and the physical world = the space was born.

We learned a lot of things in the physical world.

And, now, we are going to consolidate from the separation.

Dark and Light will be consolidate, and will be one light.

We are going back to be the one light which we were.

[Acrylic colors F12 size 60.6cm×50.0cm]