Why you were born in the Earth…

I have a lot of messages in this picture.

There are so many messages, so, I can’t describe all here..

(But, some day, I would like to write about this..)

The impetus that I drew this picture is the thanks of my 2 cute angelic nephews.

When the older one of them was just 2 years old, he was playing with a globe, and he told us a mystery


According to his story, before he were born to the Earth, he was flowing in the universe with his younger

brother, and they were looking down the Earth.

And, he pointed to the Japan where their father and mother live, and said his brother,

“I go first. You will come later after me.” Then, flew to the Earth.

If the memory was true, what a beautiful and wonderful story !

We and our children are also all pure beings.

We might have looked down the beautiful blue Earth from the universe, and said “Let’s go there,

and let’s be happy together and make a better planet !”,

then flown to the Earth with each our aspiration and will.

[Water color pencils A2 size 420mm×594mm]