Soul Mate "Attraction"

True soul mates share a special energy and have a strong attraction

Even if they are separated far away, they attract each other.

Similar wavelengths attract each other

And, they learn and brush up to each other.

What you thought in your heart will also be communicated to your partner

Fear, anxiety, jealousy, sadness and anger,

Have you realized those feelings caused difficult problems between you and

your partner ?


With eyes of trust, forgiveness, and embrace…,

A heart of caring, respect, and to persist love,

If you have them in your heart, then,

The relationship will become beautiful one.

And your bond will forever grow and glow.

They are like a mirror....

It's one of life’s true mysteries that we can find our match in this vast world.

"I'm really happy to meet you."
[Water color pencils A2 size 420mm×594mm]