A beautiful Heaven exists in your heart

If you can imagine the heaven

and feel this beauty, peace, tenderness, abundance, and happiness

in your heart,

then you realize this world and your life are already the real Heaven

One day, my great life's menter whom I respect very much told me,

"Do we need to wish to go to the heaven ? We are already here, the heaven !"

It's possible this world where we live will be the real Heaven.

I think, after all, the purpose we were born here is to experience and feel that in our lives.

One more thing..

I had a spiritual experience before, I could experience the great vision and energy of the heaven which

can be called. It was really beautiful, glowing with the rainbow colors, and I could felt the happy and

tender energy only if I just stand there.

I wanted to draw it, but not perfect yet. It was more beautiful...

I would like to draw it perfectly someday.

[Water color pencils A2 size 420mm×594mm]