Mirror Rule

People are your mirror.

The “feeling” in your heart attracts same side of people whom you faced.

If there are some feelings of heaviness, suffering and dark hidden deeply in

your heart, please leave and heal them.

And, if you shower a lot of feelings of affection and gratitude in your heart and

ring them through with the prayer for others, then, you will be able to be filled

with tenderness, warmth, happiness and love wherever you go.

I believe a mirror rule exists.

I also had a lot of experiences in my business life.

If I quite the job and left the office with complaint to other people or things, I always experience more

difficult situation which I can never avoid at the new office.

Therefore, if I tried to pray humbly and unreservedly with feeling of apologizing and gratitude for people or

things of the trouble, then, curiously, I never have problems on human relationship after the fact.

Even in the case that I obviously look NOT wrong in outsiders's eyes about the fact,

“I might have unknowingly done same irrational things to others in other place, or in other time

(in the previous life)." If so, then, I feel sorry.

And if I apologize and pray to other souls in my heart, the problem was clearly solved.

Prayer really reaches others.

[Water color pencils A2 size 420mm×594mm]