Imagination = Creation

Imagination is Creation.

Everything was born from people imagined it at first.

Every invention also came from investor’s first imagination.

As a matter of fact, the life which you have been experiencing

is the result of your imagination.

The wonderful point of this world is that you can change your life,

light now if you started strongly imagining your dream life.

The person who creates your future is YOU.

imagine it as it already came true

with the feeling of happiness and gratitude.

Let’s imagine (create) the great world.

The sign of the forehead means the third eye.

There is a “pineal body” in just the middle of the brain in the same height as that eye,

it’s also called “the third eye”.

The circle like a compass around of the angel means the universe (sum of things).

And also means the things which you strongly imagined with harmonizing with universe come true.

I mean, you also need the gratitude for all things for it.

The pictures in each circle have different meanings, accommodate and connect each.

I secrete each meaning, now. Please imagine many things and enjoy it.

There is a purpose why there are 12.

PS: One day, I would like to tell you about the secret of these 12 pictures,
in some how (in my art book, etc ?). : )

[Water color pencils A2 size 420mm×594mm]