Whispering of Gaia

The brilliant clear blue water,

The big forest with deep green breath,

From the ancient big nature,

The whispering of Gaia is echoing.

The vision of this mermaid already came to me before I met Ms. AZAMI who is

a healing singer from Yakushima island. But, the back ground was all green, not

ocean blue, even though I didn’t know why, and I wondered.

And, I was guided to meet AZAMI. When I listened to her song “Harukanaru Kaze”

(The wing from far away), I felt I really stood light there in the forest of Yakushima and

felt the moisture of it. Then, I realized the vision of the mermaid with green back

ground meant Yakushima island.

The brilliant clear blue water and the big forest with deep green breath.

The spirits of Yakushima sent me the vision with the wind.

Human being can be great one who make nature live. The spirits are taking to us.

The picture was exhibited on the stage of AZAMI on July 19th 2010.

I painted with "ANAN" who is a beautiful white guardian dragon came to me In autumn, 2009,

[Acrylic colors F50 size 120.0cm x 90.0cm]

* A nice episode for this art.

Close up

Close up

Close up

Close up

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