Mother Mary

Close Up

Close Up

This picture is “Mother Mary”, which was drawn for Mrs. Megumi Amami, the owner of the relaxation

shop for Mother and Baby “Mother Mary

According to Mrs. Amami, "Ears are made at first time when the egg was fertilized with sperm.",

and "only 2 days after the fertilization, the baby in the womb can hear."

It is very important to communicate with a baby, from the moment of the pregnant, she said.

If we did the prenatal training or not, we will see very different results when babies were born.

She told me, babies in the wombs has aura with warm colors, one baby’s aura was glowing in pink, in a

mother’s womb. It’s so cute, isn’t it ?

And, a baby comes into a mother’s body thorough the light pillar on her from the sky, at beginning,

a soul of a baby repeats entering and going out, again and again.

So, for her request, I draw an angel who is a soul of the baby. The baby angel is staring mother with


the pregnant mother staring a light baby in her with tender affections and the soul of the baby watching


The veil of Kannon or Mother Mary is made from a lot of cross with warp and fill.

And the cross means “human”, the veil (cloth) means propagandize god’s will.

Propagandizing is "布教" (Fukyo) in Japanese, the "布教" (Fukyo) using the word “CLOTH” and “teach”.

A spiritual messenger Ms. Ami Himenomiya whom I respect very much told me.

This time also, some invisible exists guided me. (Angels or Mother Mary ?)

After I heard the story when a baby come down to a mother’s body, the light pillar stands on a mother.

I knew about the “ Sun Pillar (= Light Pillar) ” at first time.

When air is very cold and sun ray through diamond dust then beautiful pillar appears.

It’s called "Light Pillar" ("Sun Pillar" in Japanese).

One of my friends showed me the photography book of Sun Pillar by Masumi Takahashi,

I was so impressed with the beauty of them. Then, next day, we saw a photo on top page of news

paper. Such a thing never happened to me before.

I thought, when a baby comes down, the light pillar must be very beautiful light showers like this

Sun Pillar.

Angels or Mother Mary might have told me.

So, I added the light sparkles on the picture.

[Water color pencils, Ink, Copic Markers A2 size 420mm×594mm]