The Muse of the Holy Fountain

Close Up

You can see the sparkle on it.

The holy fountain sparkling with emerald and light blue colors.

The muse living in the fountain appeared with mysterious smile.

The half top of the body is human, the half bottom is dragon,

and she has horns on the head and also she is really beautiful.

The muse gifted "the Wisdom" to us, people who visited the fountain.

This is the muse I saw in a dream few years ago.

There was a beautiful and mysterious fountain surrounded by rocks in a bountiful tropical rainforest.

The water was sparkling with emerald and light blue colors.

From the water, a beautiful semi human and semi dragon muse appeared, and with mysterious attitude,

she stared us travelers. She has a big long tail.

It was really beautiful, fantastic and mysterious sight.

Who was she…

[Water color pencils, Ink, Copic Markers, Acrylic colors B2 size 515mm×728mm]

* Since the date the picture was exhibited, I had received some great wisdoms. May 22nd 2009