The Voice of Gaia

The muse Gaia

gives her energy of affection, rebirth, and evolution,

and peacefully sings the pray song,

for all life.

Plants, animals, and the universe,

they also all protect the Earth.

Human being also can heal the Earth,

and live together,

if they pray for all life tenderly,

and give the affection to them.

This picture was showed at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in Tokyo in Jun 2013

and at Kiev city in Ukraine in Sep 2013, for the 21th World Peace Art Exhibition

When I asked my guardian angels and light spirits to show me the vision to start drawing,

At first time, it was not vision, just I heard "Sound" extending to everywhere.

It was vibration to vibrate and extend in the air, mighty and quiet sound, it has melody.

It was the voice of the Earth.

Gaia was singing the song of love, rebirth, and evolution to extend into all life.

[Acrylic colors F20 size 72.7cm x 60.6cm]