Naomi Angel

Naomi Angel

Angel & Dragon Artist / Graphic Artist / Dress Designer

Graduated Waseda University.

Studied 3DCG in USA after the university, and worked for some foreign companies in Tokyo,
then, started to work as an artist since 2007.
I learned 2DCG by myself.

* All my arts exhibited in events are hand-drawing.

Now, living in Hawaii and Okinawa.

I have the sign of angel on my left shoulder.

I have a hearing loss since I was born, but, thanks of that, the Clair-sentient evolved, at first time,
and the other psychic abilities evolved.

I contacted to an angel in 2004 at first time,
and I remembered my mission in the Earth is to paint angels' world
and show them to all over the world.
So, I started to work as a Spiritual Artist " Naomi Angel " with wish to work with angels since 2007.

In autumn, 2009, a beautiful white guardian dragon came to me, called, "ANAN",
and now, he and I are drawing light energy art together.

I and ANAN drew "Whispering of Gaia" and the big picture was exhibited
at the stage of a professional singer, AZAMI from Yakushima island which is
one of world heritages in July 2010.

In 2013, "Voice of Gaia" was exihibited in WORLD PEACE ART EXHIBITION
(June: Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, September: Ukraine Art Associate Exhibition Pavilion).
First exhibition in abroad.

Now living in Hawaii and Okinawa.

Also I designed and made Stickers and Themes of "LINE" communication application,
especially, angels’ stickers were ranked in 1st in India.
Alien’s stickers were ranked in 14th in U.S..
LINE theme was ranked in No.3rd in world ranking in March 2019.

Those LINE stickers were appeared in the book “How to sale LINE stickers”(published by My Navi).

Now, creativing multiple type arts for clients from major companies, private customers, and customer in entertainment world from Japan and abroad.